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Hktrnavahokej Ice Hockey Club

This is the official website for the Hktrnavahokej Ice Hockey Club. We are one of the leading local ice hockey clubs in Slovakia. All information regarding the team, its roster, its players, its coaches, its tournaments, awards, medals, and other accolades can be found on this website.
Being an ice hockey-loving country, Slovakia continuous to support local and international ice hockey clubs. The fascination and admiration of the sport can be felt from the hearts of its people. And we are no different.

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This club has continued to push themselves to become the top ice hockey squad not just in Slovakia but in the world. Every member of the team hones his skills and develop his mind and body in order to prepare themselves for battle.


Every tournament that we participate in is taken with seriousness and with a common goal of winning the gold medal. It is actually the experience that matters so we opt for expedia coupon code vacation package. Every tournament means a lot for the players and to their fans. Win or lose, both team win, because they bring new experiences with them.  The gold medal may be the goal, but nothing replaces the joy and experience of each member playing together. 

The competition does not really matter. As long as we ready ourselves for the fight of our lives each time, we are sure to succeed.

Team Spirit

We always prioritize the relationship over everything else. The players, coaches, and staff should always be working together in harmony. Team spirit is something that drives the win. Despite how strong the opponent and intimidating they are, team spirit pushes the team beyond the limits and achieve what they thought impossible. The coach has to give out tips on how to drive targeted traffic to your website to build his team in unity. A team that is broken inside will definitely show cracks in the performance of each individual and also the team as a whole. We grow as players and as teammates.

Slovak Ice Hockey Federation

We adhere to the policies, rules, and regulations of the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation, the country’s governing agency for hockey. we ensure that our credibility is never questioned by doing what’s always right. We check for i amsterdam card vs museumkaart reviews and gather feedback internally and externally. We ensure that all the rules are observed and respected by every team member within our organization.  We respect any ruling, judgment, and other decisions that are made by the Federation concerning the hockey club and the sport in general.

Team Advocacy

As a team, our winning mentality coincides with relations building toward other teams and the community. We do not only focus on tournaments and competitions. We also engage in helping the community through civic and social events.

The management of the team prioritizes the future of the kids in Slovakia. One way to ensure that they will grow to become better citizens is through formal education. We support numerous children in the primary and secondary level to help them on their feet and get college degrees.

The team also volunteers in various community events and outreach. We care for the community just the same as the community cares about the club.

Huge fan base

Another aspect of the game that we love is the support that we get from the fans of the team. Without the fans who continuously cheer for us and give us the backing that we need, we will not fully enjoy playing the game. This website is one way to reach our fan base by providing them with a platform that they can instantly visit to get information about the club.

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