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Our hockey team is not just about competition. Winning is great for a club especially when we get to be part of the championship game. But we also know that winning is not the only one that defines a team. We want to transcend beyond the sport and become deeply involved in the communities that we are in.

Another important part of our team that we want to acknowledge is our fans. You are a significant key to our success. Your help and continuous support for our games fuel and motivate us to do our best.  We want to reach out to you, our beloved fans, and the loyal followers of the sport.


Kids should be trained as early as possible in the game of hockey. This sport teaches both physical and mental toughness of an individual. Kids develop skills as they go through the basics of hockey. Muscles are built as well as focus and concentration to strategize in order get a goal.

We host youth camps that are specially designed to educate children on the proper approach to the game. They will be trained to be competitive inside the game but not against the players. They will be taught of the importance of championship but relationships and genuine love for the game are given more significance.

Fan Day

We have a monthly fan day to give our followers a chance to be with us for the whole day. Photo sessions, a quick game of hockey, and a handful of treats and goodies will be provided for the fans who support the hockey club.


We also give back to the communities that we play in. We developed a fund specially created to give scholarships to children who cannot pay for school. We also participate in local outreach to people regarding public health and citizen empowerment to be more hands-on with the community that they are living in.

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