This site aims to provide you, our fans, with the latest news and updates on what our team is doing. We treat every fan as family and we love for us to be regularly connected. And one way to stay in touch with you is to create and build a website. Through this site, we can send you notifications on every player’s events. We can also keep you posted on recent tournaments and possible competitions that the club is joining.

Message from the coaches

The coaches of the team will keep you posted with regard to their thoughts about every game, and their strategies and plans for improving and training the team. The tech blogs from our coaches will also include insights about the team’s future and their opinions on various team and hockey matters.

Messages from our players

We will also delve into the lives of our individual players as they go day-in and day-out with every competition that the team participates in. We will see how they adapt to the grueling schedule of tournaments and what they do during their off-days. The players will give us a glimpse of their lives as part of one of the best hockey clubs in Slovakia.

Roster Update

As website visitors, we will show you individual accolades and team achievements and numbers. Check daily and weekly stats of every player through the website. You will also find team percentages and crunch the figure yourself to have a better grasp of the game.


You can also use the website to find out more about the current tournament that the team is in. Get information about the competitions’ heads, and directors. Learn more about the Vision and Mission of the competition. You can also check out the other teams that are participating and contending with us.