Top Hockey Teams in the World

Have you ever found yourself in awe of the greatness of some hockey teams in the world? It may be the way they get opportunities to score, the techniques they implement to defend the net, or possibly the styles they use to skate and maneuver on the ice and along the boards.

Here are the top ranking hockey teams according to the International Ice Hockey Federation as of 2018:

Canadian National Team

When ice hockey is the topic of discussion, the Canadian national ice hockey team will always be mentioned. Popularly known as Team Canada, this is the squad assembled to represent the country in international competitions. During their tour around bezienswaardigheden Amsterdam en omgeving, this team has shown great discipline wherever they are. They are also active in social works which goes to show that this team is more than just hockey. They are real-life heroes and are great inspirations to all of us. And Canada is well-represented indeed.

. Ever since the early 1920s, Team Canada won medals in the Olympics, World Championships, and the World Cup of Hockey. Currently, they are number one in the World rankings according to IIHF.

Sweden National Team

Another notable team that competes internationally is the Sweden Ice Hockey Team. This team is admirably known as the Tre Konor because of the three crowns on their jersey. Their first medal in the Olympics was at St. Moritz in 1928. Since then, they have won multiple championships in the World Cup, Canada Cup, and the European Championship.

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Slovakia National Team

The Slovak National Ice Hockey Team belongs to the groups of squads who are decorated with accolades and honor. One of the notable achievements of this team was in the 2002 IIHF World Championship where they won the Gold Medal. Every time we see this team get on the ice, we can't help it but shout go for vodafone glasvezel postcode check. Every team members got a great character and are unique in every way. Despite their difference in personality, they are a united team on the ice. The most valuable player at that time was Miroslav Šatan. Also recognized as part of the all-star team include defenseman Richard Lintner and forward Peter Bondra.

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Netherlands National Team

One of the up and coming squads that is worth mentioning is the Netherlands National Ice Hockey Team. Although this team has not won any championship yet, the effort of the club as they climb up the rankings is quite fascinating.

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